giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #239

Shirt--->~~[M] Open Shirt w/ Corset Motivaction
Shoes--->DaZeD DeZineZ Gina Ankle Boots Cross for Pure Sale Room

Shorts--->NS::  Jeans Mini short (hud)  NS
Tattoo--->D.A. I'm Dead Tattoo *Unisex* D.A.

Skin--->FEMALE TRFF .::WoW Skins::. Cherry Skin for ROCKABILLY FASHION FAIR
Pose--->:Picture This! Poses: Product Box ~ Strike a Pose Mini Pac for Pure Sale Room

martedì 29 ottobre 2013

Phatazz Gacha Event Comming Soon!

This goes for clothing, tattoo's, skin's w/appliers, and accessories and anything other add ons to do with the phatazz.
Opening: November 13th Midnight SLT

My StYlE #237 La PiAnIsTa SulL' OcEaNo!!!


Scarf--->*MIMOSA* Stripes Scarf Black for Cosmopolitan
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe PitchBangles&Ring GroupGift Baubles!

Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. AmyLee Milk Fatpack WoW
Makeup--->{MUA} - MakeUp Set - Cobweb MUA
Ear--->Le Poppycock *Dolled Up* Spiky Ear for Mad Labyrinth

lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #236 Ass!!!

Top&Shor--->Perch - Fay's Set - Black Phat Azz&Tango Applier for Cosmopolitan

Ass--->.:SKING:. BRAZILIA XS / MESH LOWER / ( belly0/fat12 ) COMBO
Bracelets--->Baubles! by Phe WandererBangles Box Baubles!
Bow--->Kennedy's "Spiked Dotted Hair Bow" Color Change HUD for Body Mod Expo
Ring Nose--->Kennedy's "Nose Rings" Unisex for  Body Mod Expo
Tattoo--->D.A. Dream Tattoo for Siria's Fashion Room
Ear--->Le Poppycock *Dolled Up* Lace ear for Mad Labyrinth
Lipstick--->[Chloe] Lipstick Bruna for 

Shoes--->*Siria's Design* Open Toe Boots for Cosmopolitan

Pose--->Pose--->*ED* So Boho 01 - 02 for Cosmopolitan
Tattoo--->Kennedy's "Skeleton Key" Back Tattoo - Unisex for Body Mod Expo

My StYlE #235 YAAAY!!!

Owerall--->$$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Loony Overall WOMAN GREEN NyTrO

Shoes--->NS::  kawaii wings sneakers mesh GIFT NS

Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. AmyLee skin WoW
Bracelet--->Baubles! by Phe GlossyPuffBangles Box Baubles!
Ring--->Kennedy's "Gun Ring" Pink Kennedy's
Hat--->Le Poppycock *Dolled Up* Soot Hat for 
Mad Labyrinth
Pose--->*ED* So Boho 01 - 02 for 

sabato 26 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #234

Skirt--->ninety- Skirt N.2  Electric Flowers for Cosmopolitan
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe ColorGames for Soho

Top--->Kennedy's "Criss Cross Top" Pink Gingham The Boobies Planet
Shoes--->*Siria's Design* Abstract 2 Colors Boots for Siria's Fashion Room

Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. Kate Milk DB CL for The Designer Circle

Makeup--->{MUA} - MakeUp Set - Goth MUA
Pose--->*ED* Star 02 (pack) 
Cart Sale

giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #233

Shirt--->- Quintessencia - Lili Leopard Top Mesh - Fatpack - for Cosmopolitan
Skirt--->NS::  Chilo's Mini Skirt Mesh (HUD)  NS
Pose--->*ED* Star 01 (pack) for Cart Sale

Lollipop--->NS::  Halloween Lollipop (HUD) for Mad Labyrinth

Bracelet--->Baubles! ChandiHandBangles Box Body Mod Expo
Pose--->Pose--->*ED* Star 01 (pack) for Cart Sale
Skin--->::Modish:: Malina Skin [Group Gift Sept] Modish

New EvEnT!! MaD LaByRiNtH

martedì 22 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #232

Dress--->Perch - Janelle Dress - Koi for Cosmopolitan

Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. Ebony skin and appliers for SL Fashion Week
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe 80'sChild for Body Mod Expo
All Pose--->*ED* Beat 02 (pack) for Siria's Fashion Room

lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #231 Autumn!!!

Dress--->[ZE] Heather Gown {AUTUMN}  Zanze
Scene&Pose--->*ED* Golden Autumn Eternal Dream Pose

Pose--->*ED* Autumn Leaves Pack Eternal Dream Pose

Skin--->Curves - Margot Skin Fair for Pure Sale Room
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe Ethnie for Body Mod Expo
Pircing--->Baubles! by Phe GoddessPiercings Box for Body Mod Expo
Haribands--->Baubles! StatementHairbands Box for Body Mod Expo
Pose--->*ED* Autumn Leaves Pack Eternal Dream Pose

venerdì 18 ottobre 2013


Welcome to
 Eternal Dream

My StYlE #230

Top--->M I N D B U R Y - Pushdown Tops for Siria's Fashion Room
Pants--->[Chloe] Lucy Pants_1 Cosmopolitan
Tattoo--->Tattoo Tanycharm "03" box Siria's Fashion Room

Feet--->+Missnoise_style+Spiked Feet with hud fix HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ED Missnoise
Tattoo--->Hot Mess - Back Birds Tattoo Hot Mess

Skin--->.Salt Maya Skin Blogger Pack for Pure Sale Room
Ring--->Baubles! by Phe HappyDivaSkullRing Box
Earrings--->Baubles! by Phe PetraEarrings Box
for Body Mod Expo
Mascara--->Hot Mess - Mascara Drama Hot Mess
Piercing--->PELLE - Labret Piercing Set Pelle
Pose--->Pose--->Eternal Dream for  Pure Sale Room

My StYlE #229

Blouse--->[Chloe] Pearl Blouse_1 for Cosmopolitan
Skirt--->NS::  Pink/Black Skirt (mesh) for Siria's Fashion Room
Pose--->Pose--->Eternal Dream for  Pure Sale Room 

Boots--->*Siria's Design* Abstract 2 Colors Boots for Siria's Fashion Room - Cosmopolitan - Pure Sale Room

Earrings--->Baubles! by Phe Bootique Box
Bracelets--->Baubles! by Phe MissLucklessBangles Box
Body Mod Expo
Skin--->CURVES- Barbra Skin+Appliers for  Siria's Fashion Room
Dimples--->Hot Mess - Dimples Hot Mess

mercoledì 16 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #228

Shirt--->NS  Ulala Shirt Mesh for Bitacora Travel
Socks--->.Salt - Katya Socks Fancy Mix w Slink & Phat Azz Appl - Boxed for  Pure Sale Room

Pants--->[Motivaction] Torn Shorts for The Azz Show
Boots--->~~[M] High Boot * Fatpack* Motivaction
Hat--->XH Vinita Visor Fatpack for Fatpack event

Skin--->.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Kamila {Wicked} for    Pure Sale Room
Bracelets--->Baubles! by Phe LeatherHandBangles Box for Cosmopolitan
Lip Ring--->Hot Mess - Lip Ring 1 Hot Mess
Tooth--->Hot Mess - Tooth Gap Hot Mess
Pose--->Eternal Dream for  Pure Sale Room

My StYlE #227 Dj!!!

Pants--->PURE - {Mesh} City Blue Jeans - Pink for Pure Sale Room

Tattoo--->Tanycharm Tattoo "Sognare con la musica nel cuore" Tanycharm Tattoos Creations
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe BlackCatSet Box 50% off with Group tag  Baubles!
Hair--->Pelle - REBEL MESH HAIR BLACK Pelle

Shoes--->NS::  Adventure Sneakers Mesh (HUD) NS

Piercing--->Baubles! by Phe SpikedCrossClaviclePiercings Box for Feeb's
Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. Zaytuna Medium for Bitacora Travel

martedì 15 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #226

Dress--->[AMARELO MANGA] - Dress Tamira [Sequins] for Cosmopolitan
Shoes--->+Missnoise_style+Mesh FOXY SHOES GOLD BLACK Pelle

Skin--->[Chloe] Linda Skin for Cosmopolitan
Makeup--->{MUA} - MakeUp Set - Kattaca MUA
Pose--->Pose--->Eternal Dream Pose for Cosmopolitan

My StYlE #225

Complete Outfit--->Jumpsuit, Sandals, Bag--->***GIULIADESIGN***JASMINE PURPLE for Cosmopolitan

Skin--->.::WoW Skins::. Simona Sunkissed CL for SL Fashion Week
Hair--->Pelle - ICY MESH HAIR BLACK Pelle

Jewels--->AsHmOoT_AW Coll_Snow Flackes_Diamonds_ for Fatpack event
Pose--->Eternal Dream Pose for Cosmopolitan

lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

My StYlE #224

Dress--->NS::  BohoChic Dress Mesh (HUD) for Boho Culture

Skin--->Curves - Veronika Skin-Bronze  Curves
Jewels--->Baubles! by Phe TheRoyals for Designe Circle